Africa to the World: These are the best African dance moves

Africa is underdeveloped, but they are talented in Music, dancing, and fashion. African countries could boast of discovering one of the most beautiful dance moves.

We see today in some Western music videos; probably one can see Africa dance moves. Mind you that some African dance moves are energy demanding and not gentleman’s movements. As a female, you must move your waist while the guys need to throw in their footprints.

Africa to the World: These are the best African dance moves
Some of the best African dance moves

African stars and talented dancers have contributed immensely in the different kinds of dancing styles, from Azonto, Gwara Gwara… to the Jeruselama that still on the top. The below are the overviews

The best African dance moves

Rosalina dance from Congo

When it comes to waist whining, the Congolese have no competitor. Twerking probably originated in this country, I’m sure that, of course, we cannot list African dance stars without mentioning Rosalina Kalina, which means break your backside.

The Dance move became an instant hit after the dance style became a challenge on social media as you can say that dance move typically involves the waist making it the most difficult dance move on the list.

Akwaaba danced from Ghana

Ghana became a barrel dance, thanks to social media. The dance Tao is probably the easiest and the coolest of all on the list.

Shaku Shaku from Nigeria

This Nigerian turnstile took the world by storm and was popularized by Olamide. Shaku Shaku has continuously gained popularity and has never aged, and the origin of the dance is quite an interest. Shaku Shaku is a name used for facts or Street guys. The dance move was named after a particular style of dance kicks out after they get stunned or drunk.

Vosho dance from South Africa

Vosho dance is a famous South African dance that involves kicking and squatting at the same time. As complicated as this looks, you would get the hang of it once you get the fundamentals down. Vosho has evolved years back by placing most of its moves on the head instead of the usual kicking and squatting. A South African DJ created the dance

Pilolo dance from Nigeria and Ghana

Pilolo became a hit in 2018. The creator of pilolo, Ziggy, is also known for previously releasing the dance style of Kupe, a famous but straightforward dance style you’ve probably already seen on YouTube. From the streets of Ghana, Pilolo became a hit and even got performed in Janet Jackson’s music video.

Loading dance from Nigeria

Another hit African dancing move from Olamide in our list. Loading has been viral since its release in 2020, and even the dance challenge has gone viral.

Eskista dance from Ethiopia

It’s an Ethiopia snake dance move. Eskista is a traditional Ethiopian dance and performed by both men and women. The dance involves rolling the shoulder blades, bouncing the shoulders, and jilting the chest, especially women. The dancing style becomes viral in 2020 and went around the world.

John Vuli Gate dance from South Africa

The dancing steps are for those with body-size, massive hips, and that can check their waist. The dancing move originated from south Africa by John Vuli.

Azonto dance from Ghana

Azonto started in ghana, and it’s one of the most popular dance steps to have originated in Ghana. Just like most African dances, Azonto involves knee bending and hip movements. The dance has effectively evolved from a few basic moves to mining actions such as cunning in a girl, washing, driving, boxing, rain, swimming, wherever you can think of you can dance it with us.

Odi dance from Kenya

Odi dance is one of the cannon dances incorporated into many dance moves we see today mainly because of its subtlety. The dancing steps originated from Kenya.

Shoki dance from Nigeria

The word shoki is Yoruba slang for getting a fast one with the absolute gender if you know what I’m talking. Shoki got so famous for its visually satisfying nature. The dancing step has stood the test of time as one of the African dance moves that have never gone old and probably mention everyday.

Idibala dance from South Africa

This dancing step that involves falling and getting up has gone viral and could be seen in China and some parts of Asian countries. The song and dance move originated from South Africa.

Zanku dance from Nigeria

Sing by Zlatan, the Zanku legwork went viral and was danced by many chorographers. The specific origin of the name ‘zanku’ is uncertain, but the dance itself is attractive and will make you move your body.

Gwara Gwara dance from South Africa

The South African viral dance went international when it featured on Childish Gambino’s “This is America”, and it was performed on the 2018 Grammys. The dance typically involves lifting and swinging one leg while getting the entire body to move in the same direction. Gwara Gwara dance has been styled with over a thousand dance choreographed worldwide, making it one of the best African dance moves.

Jerusalema dance from South Africa

Although the dancing steps have been a South African dance, especially during a wedding ceremony, the accompanying dance challenge, attributed to a group of Angolan friends choreographing in a candid video, helped the song go viral. The African dance move has been compared to Macarena, generated dance videos from many countries, including Palestine, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Spain, France, Jamaica, Canada, and the United States.

Africa to the World: These are the best African dance moves

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