African fairy tales: Stubborn baby elephant

A stubborn housefly with no adviser normally follows the corpse to the grave. However, in today’s African fairy tales, you will understand how stubborn baby elephant learned a lesson.

This episode of African fairy tales and proverbs, tells us how stubborn baby elephant ruined his day.

In this story, you will understand why the African proverb says: “Irrational actions have the propensity of producing irrational decisions”.

The title of this African fairy tale is “Stubborn baby elephant”.

One day, an African baby elephant was so stubborn that no one could cope with him.

On that faithful day, the whole elephant family gathered for a walk.

“Let’s go,” the elephant’s father said to the baby elephant.

“I won’t go,” the baby elephant answered.

“Let’s go,” said the mother elephant.

“I won’t go,” the baby elephant answered.

“Let’s go,” said the older elephant brothers.

“I won’t go,” the baby elephant answered.

“Well, then, we’ll take a walk without you,” said the elephants and left.

The baby elephant was left alone.

When he was left alone, he felt bored, and he terribly wanted to walk with everyone. Therefore, he was very offended that the elders left without him.

“If so,” said the baby elephant to himself, “I will no longer be an elephant”.

He thought about who he should become and decided to become a lion cub.

The baby elephant threw himself on the ground, raised all four legs, and began to dangle them in the air, just like a lion cub…. Continue from the video.

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