‘Africans like you, makes you want to kill them’: employee targeted by racist insults

In a video posted on social networks, a Carrefour employee in Annemasse, France, became a victim of multiple racist insults from a customer. The Carrefour group has announced that it has filed a complaint.

A few days after the controversy of the insulted deliveryman in Cergy, new racist aggression was filmed in Annemasse, on the Swiss border. In a video broadcast on Friday, June 4th, a customer copiously insults a Carrefour employee as “dirty nigger”, “dirty black” or “dirty cahba” (prostitute in Arabic).

“Only black people can do that. You see Africans like you, it makes you want to kill them,” continues the young woman, accompanied by her two children, one of whom is very young. She also defends herself of being “a thief”, which suggests that the conflict between the two women started from this accusation.

In the wake of this controversy, which has particularly swollen on Twitter with many shares of the hashtags #Annemasse and #Carrefour, the Carrefour group has expressed its support for the employee and announced its intention to file a complaint

. This information was confirmed the same day by a spokesman for the group to the HuffPost.

The employee “is well” and is “well supported by her colleagues and management”, the company said. She also received a call from the boss of Carrefour France, Rami Baitiéh, who also assured her of his support.

“I’m not racist at all”

The client accused of anti-black racism defended herself to the Internet user who first posted the video. This last one diffused the audio message of this one. She assures there “not to be racist at all”, because she is “of Muslim conviction, African like her”. “It is her who called me a North African prostitute and thief,” she says.

She then explains that she had “trouble scanning” her items but insists that she did not steal anything. She concludes her message by assuming her remarks, which were addressed “to her, but not to the black community, nor Maghrebian, nor African”.

Racist attacks

Similar events took place at the end of May in Cergy, in the Val-d’Oise, when an Uber deliveryman was physically attacked by an individual who introduced himself as an Algerian. He and a resident filming the scene were then the targets of racist insults. The suspect was arrested in Paris on June 1st.

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