After Israel, Turkey, United States, and France arms Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco has received a batch of military vehicles from the French manufacturer Arquus, completing the order for 300 light vehicles made at the end of 2020. This delivery arrives at a time when Morocco receives armaments from everywhere to strengthen its military capacities.

France, in turn, shields Morocco. The Cherifian kingdom has indeed just received the last batch of military vehicles manufactured in France, by the French manufacturer Arquus. According to Bladi, this delivery completes the order for 300 light vehicles, made at the end of 2020. This order arrives when Morocco receives armaments from everywhere, particularly from the United States of America, Israel, Turkey.

Deliveries of light vehicles began last June and were fully executed at the end of October, detailed the specialized site Defensa, which specifies that most of the new vehicles have been deployed on the side of Western Sahara to secure the protective wall. The vehicles are presented as designed specifically for military needs. This model is an evolution of the VLRA 1 and can reach a top speed of 110 km/h.

The announcement of this new acquisition comes after Morocco’s reception, about a month ago, of military equipment consisting mainly of weapons and trucks allocated to the Royal Armed Forces, from the United States.

With a total cost of 10 million dollars, this lot consisted of weapons and military transport vehicles. The receipt of this new batch of American military equipment, it is explained, was part of the “Excess Defense Articles” (EDA) program.

In addition, we learn that Washington, still in its desire to support Morocco in its defense strategy against any possible enemy attack, particularly from the sky, will provide Morocco with the latest version of the Patriot anti-missile air defense system. These acquisitions come as Morocco has received armaments from Turkey, mainly helicopters and Israeli-made drones.

These acquisitions of military equipment made by the Cherifian kingdom come at a time when the tension between Algeria and Morocco is at its height. Rabat and Algiers look at each other like faience dogs. In this context, Morocco, which has even started to manufacture weapons, has inflated its military budget.

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