Agent uses traffic register as a dating site, contacts 150 women

An American agent has for years made unauthorized use of the central traffic register. Leonel Marines did this in order to establish as many relationships with women as possible.

The 36-year-old officer attached to the Bradenton police force (Florida), according to the FBI, have approached at least 150 women personally. According to police chief Melanie Brevan, the now ex-agent has been guilty of sexual activities during his work shift.

The man sought out masses of private addresses and did not hesitate to visit women at home. He chatted under a pretext and behaved very stubbornly. The ball started rolling in June when a woman filed a complaint.

The man was suspended for a short time in 2012 because he also at that time was guilty of illegally using the central register. Marines had twelve years of service on the clock and were immediately put on non-active after the new complaint. The thirties resigned in October.

Agent uses traffic register as a dating site, contacts 150 women

“If he had not done this, we would, of course, have fired him himself,” police chief Brevan said. The internal investigation has been completed, but the FBI is investigating the facts further. The man is still at liberty for the time being.

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