Alanis (19) dies after swallowing XTC pill on Mallorca “with rat poison”

A nineteen-year-old girl died after taking an XTC pill on the Spanish island of Mallorca. According to her father, the harmful stuff contained rat poison. Her Argentinian family is now sending out an urgent warning to the world: watch out with that polluted junk, maybe there are more of those dangerous tablets in circulation.

Milagros Alanis Moyano moved to Mallorca seven months ago with her twin sister. On Sunday, July 14, the young lady went to a music festival in Son Fuster et. She took drugs there, and not much later she became seriously ill. The girl was taken to a hospital in Barcelona, but she dies there three days later.

Father Paulo posted a photo of the pill in question – a yellow copy with a skull on it – on social media. His grief and anger go through marrow and bone. “I would like to know who sold that poison to her, so I can at least put a bullet in his head,” said Paulo.

Just before the fatal moment, Alanis had danced, which the video ended up on her Instagram page. “Those are the last images I have of her. Before the concert she had sent photos via WhatsApp, she looked beautiful. We told her to be careful, although she could also have fun. And look: now I have lost her forever.”

Paulo also had the difficult task of identifying his daughter. “Luckily I saw her tattoos, otherwise I wouldn’t have recognized her. She was such a beautiful girl. Those of you who have done this will not know a moment’s peace. I will personally watch the perps die like rats, I swear. Goodbye, Baby. I love you.”

Alanis’ brother Lautaro is also in the bag and ashes. “Madness is what she has done. She was definitely not a regular drug user. She loved hockey and was a very good swimmer. Unfortunately, she started to have more and more wrong friends, who led her on the wrong path.”

Last Thursday things went wrong in Ibiza: a three-year-old girl picked up an XTC pill in a playground and swallowed it. The Russian toddler was in critical condition for a while, but in the meantime, her condition is stable again. It is suspected that a dealer or drug user accidentally dropped the pill there.

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  1. What a shame that yet another beautiful life ended so tragically and at such a young age. I just dont understand how people can be so cruel. Someone knew there was rat poison in that pill and yet sold it anyway.

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