Alysha McNair 21 – “Change my lifestyle drastically or die”

Alysha McNair once weighed 172 kilos, now only 89 kilos remain. “I was faced with the choice: to change my lifestyle drastically or die.” It is clear which option the 21-year-old young lady from Canada has chosen.

The average adult can consume around 2,000 calories per day, Alysha McNair has had a double problem… during one meal. “I often went to five different fast food restaurants one day. And then I had eaten only once in a distinguished way. Whatever diet I tried, I did not manage to lose weight.”

The click came after Alysha, who took decision of “change my lifestyle drastically or die” choked on her seventeenth in a soft drink. “I could hardly breathe. There had to be a change, otherwise it would mean my death.”

Alysha McNair lost 83 kilos

“At the worst moment I weighed 172 kilos. I was so ashamed that I barely got out. I stood four hours in front of the mirror to apply make-up so that I would feel a bit better. But that did not help. I just took away my emotions.” Alysha MicNair eventually decided to change her life: away with the fast food, on to the fitness. “I started walking more and planning healthy meals properly. The result did not stop: gradually I lost 83 kilos, about half of my weight. I have never felt as good about myself as now.”

Alysha keeps an overview of her remarkable transformation on Instagram, she also hopes to inspire others. “That one photo with the blubber belly? Frightening to put it online, but it clearly shows which way I have travelled. Companions must realize that losing weight is always an option.”

“I used to barely fit in a car. Putting on a seat belt was completely impossible. I was too wide for some doors, in the plane I had to reserve two seats. I still remember the contemptuous looks that I received. So, humiliating everything.”

Alysha McNair 21: "Change my lifestyle drastically or die"
©Instagram – Alysha McNair

“Change my lifestyle drastically or die”

“In the past I was also heavily bullied because of my overweight. My classmates never invited me and I thought I was ugly. Now fortunately I look completely different. My ambition is to become a fitness coach, so that I can contribute my part to a healthier world,” Alysha MicNair, who insisted on changing her lifestyle drastically or die.

On her Instagram she wrote: “Very vulnerable post for me. It’s crazy how when you have been tired of failing and not loving your life, how much you’ll do to change it. I was very depressed in the photo on the left, crying almost every night because of the way I looked I only ever wanted to be accepted. I have to say I’m very much a closed off person now that I may come to shock to a lot of people, especially because look at the posts I make the photos I show as my before’s.”

“I was always told to shut up growing up, that I was weird, and not normal. My friends would call me a lesbian for giving them a hug because they weren’t raised in a loving environment and so they didn’t know what friendship affection was. But it made me close up, they were the “cool” friends and I always just ever wanted to fit in. One thing life taught me is, if you fit in. You’ll disappear, so stand out.”

“Be you, knowing your self worth makes you know you are worthy, that you are loved, you are cared for. But you have to focus on yourself and not pay attention to outside sources. Last year I was so depressed, I had felt like I lost everything. A girl I was best friends with for many years. Stopped being friends and it was for the best I wanted a different lifestyle then she did. It broke my heart, we had done literally everything together since we were kids. Never ever spent time apart and it was hard, it helped me grow.

“It sucks in life when you realize sometimes the people you love the most are the worst for you, then I also got injured, I couldn’t work out for 8 months. I became so depressed, self conscious again, made me feel unworthy, unwanted, scared. Ugly. Unloved. I had gone completely down hill mentally, I sprained my Si joint in my lower back area, I could barely walk without crying, I couldn’t go to the bathroom without wanting to end my life because the pain was so bad, I remember saying the worst possible things to myself.

“For that self I apologize, I apologize for not being there for myself when I needed it most. I also forgive myself for doing the things I have done. I forgive my old best friend for the bad days and am grateful for the good memories. Now it’s time to let go, and just grow.”

Alysha McNair 21: "Change my lifestyle drastically or die"
©Instagram – Alysha McNair, before and after.


McNair keeps encouraging others people with overweight not to lose focus. She wrote: “I PROVED TO MYSELF , that they were wrong. It’s not your turn. GO PROVE THEM WRONG. It’s not their life, you are living it’s YOURS. You have the power to change it, the question is, how bad do you want it?”

Alysha McNair continues after taken decision of “change my lifestyle drastically or die”; “NEVER GIVE UP! Don’t do it, keep going. If you’re giving 80% give 110% . If you want to lose a certain amount of weight come a certain date, and you don’t show up and put in the work you will not change, for me my example is my job. If I don’t give 110% effort I won’t reach my targets come game day. Same thing goes for fitness I know it’s hard, I know change is scary trust me I’ve been there and I am there but with other areas of my life.”

Alysha McNair 21: "Change my lifestyle drastically or die"
©Instagram – Alysha McNair Before and After

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