Alzheimer’s patient is rescued 600km from home

After a search of half a year, an Alzheimer patient from Thailand was found 600 kilometers further, in China. The 59-year-old Kaewmanee Arjor has been missing since the summer of last year.

She disappeared one day from her daughter’s house, which lives in Chiang Rai province in the north of Thailand. All attempts to find the woman remained for months without result.

According to the Police report, at the end of December in the southern Chinese city of Kunming, a woman was noticed who walked barefoot on the street. With the help of her Thai identity card, she managed to identify her. “We have no idea how she got here. We have not found any document indicating that she has traveled from Thailand to China,” said a police spokesman. There are also other countries such as Laos and Myanmar between Thailand and China.

It still took until today that daughter Suchada Arjor (35) picked up her mother. Until then, the woman was taken care of in a local hospital. Alzheimer’s disease includes memory, speech and orientation disorders, in addition to personality change with increasing dementia.

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