Am I prideful? 7 things we should stop being proud of

Much of what the ordinary person is proud of is just nonsense. Especially the following are not to be proud of. For a reason, pride impairs our capacity to learn, makes us egocentric, and jeopardizes our ability to fulfill our obligations as leaders and business owners. However, putting pride aside may enable us to improve and succeed in our endeavors.


Many men take pleasure in the fact that they do not have a mental switch that triggers them to become violent at any moment. In a conflict scenario, a rational man weighs his risks and does not instantly attempt to crush him morally and physically even when confronted with a lesser opponent. He recognizes that there are not only personal hazards but also moral standards and education that prevent him from becoming an animal that makes all decisions only by force.

However, the men who live by Statham’s remarks from the patsy bars seem to have turned off that type of halt. They take satisfaction in the fact that other people are unable to resist, as they instantly begin pressing even harder. However, the reality is that there is nothing to be proud of.

It takes little intellect to demolish someone by endangering their physical wellbeing morally. When your charm and intelligence combine to settle a problem, it is something to be proud of. A true man is in control of his emotions and is aware of the impact of his actions on people around him.

The total number of battles won

Recognize that we do not live in the Middle Ages and that you are not a jousting knight or a mercenary paid by the number of men killed on the battlefield. Thus, “valor” shown during a battle is not a source of pride. Of course, we’re not referring to instances in which you were compelled to defend yourself and ultimately overcame your assailant. This is a legitimate reason to feel proud of oneself, since you punished the attacker without intending to do him harm in the first place. We’re referring to instances in which you purposefully agitate someone and engage in combat to display your might.

This source of pride is often intermingled with the preceding one and does not decorate you. As previously said, a man’s primary weapon, something for which he should be really proud, is the power of words.

Exaggerated ego

If you haven’t noticed, quite a few men are pretty proud of their inflated egos. Let’s face it: having a healthy self-esteem is preferable to self-deprecation, but only in moderation. This indicates that you have self-esteem and are aware of your true self.

However, when you begin to take delight in being labeled as having a large ego, this becomes the exception rather than the rule. By and large, egocentrists are not the brightest individuals, since they vastly overestimate their talents, something that an experienced person would never do.

The total number of females in bed

We have previously said several times that this is not a cause for celebration. However, today we want to emphasize that both extremes are harmful. They often assert that being pleased of having slept with several females is childish and demonstrates your mental immaturity. However, the fact that you’ve slept with just one lady and remain committed to her is equally strange. By and large, displaying your sexual prowess is considered childish.

The difference between the libertine and the devout family guy who is proud of his accomplishments is just that the former demonstrates quantity, while the latter demonstrates quality. Neither, though, is a source of pride.


What is a genuine man? Without any preconceptions such as “earns $100,000 per second and can please a lady for 50 hours straight,” but genuine. This is someone who understands how to maintain balance in their emotions and can tell when to show strength and when to show vulnerability. Therefore, there is no need to be proud that your mentality is like cast in steel, and there is nothing you can do about it since this is one of your personality’s assets.

Nor should you be proud of your ability to moan and weep, since expressing your emotions is not a justification to elevate yourself above others, those unpleasant jerks who hypocritically conceal their emotions.

You are the “righteous” one

How often “bad men” are demonized. In our view, they are obnoxious individuals that sleep with several women and are oblivious to everything. By contrast, “good men” are amorous beings who understand females’ ambitions and aspirations, who are chivalrous, and who are typically a source of positive energy. Of course, a “nice man” is proud of his social standing, of the fact that he does not fall to the level of a male seeking only mating and elevating himself above everyone else.

However, this is hardly a reason to feel proud since it is the usual. You’re not proud of the fact that you’re not a shoplifter or a red light runner? Being courteous and respecting one’s personal boundaries are fundamental abilities that should be ingrained in every culture.

You are a member of some kind of community

It is fairly unusual to find individuals who take pleasure in their affiliation with a certain organization. In comparison, there is nothing wrong with belonging, pride in this experience results in a conditional separation of society into insiders and outsiders. Individuals from different societies who are in competition with one another for any reason may develop feelings of hatred towards one another out of nowhere, without even realizing the source of the conflict.

This is evident in the national identities of various countries, where leaders of some states compete with leaders of others or simply pretend to be at odds, and ordinary citizens, without delving into the details, but feeling a sense of belonging to a community, develop feelings of hostility toward one another.

This is not to say that one should fully reject pride in the community’s accomplishments, but one must keep in mind that they are not yours and were accomplished by others.

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