Why do people cheat on people they love? Scientists give reason for infidelity

The tendency to cheat can be genetically inherent. These are the conclusions reached by scientists at Oxford University. They found that infidelity is associated with the work of a variant of the DRD4 gene, which is responsible for receptors that produce the hormone of pleasure, writes “MIR 24”.

The experts studied a group of 180 volunteers, finding out the details of their personal lives and studying their DNA. It turned out that those participants whose form of the DRD4 gene was long were less sensitive to the pleasure hormone.

Such people needed more sexual contacts to get the same reaction as the owners of the short variant of the gene.

The study showed that volunteers with a long gene often “walked to the left”, and those with a short DRD4 changed twice less often.

Earlier, psychologist Alena Leonova advised on how to “spread straws” so that the partner does not go “to the left”. According to the expert, cheating from scratch, as a rule, does not happen. There are always prerequisites for it.

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