Am I the problem in my relationship? Top 4 relationship problems to tackle

Many of us tend to resolve “really serious” problems and disagreements with a partner, completely ignoring “minor issues.” But in vain: any small problem runs the risk of turning into a big one over time, and omissions can one day lead to serious scandals.

You have different views, plans and expectations for the future

You are probably having a great time together; you are having fun and interesting with each other. You may be physically attracted to each other, and the s3x is just great. But ask yourself this: what will happen tomorrow? In a year, five or ten years? Do you want the same thing with your partner?

Maybe now you safely manage to completely ignore the fact that, for example, you want a family and children, and your partner is a convinced childfree, but sooner or later, this issue will become quite acute. And it is better not to bring it up to this, but to compare your expectations and dot all the i’s right now.

Household responsibilities are unevenly distributed

Many of us grew up in families where the lion’s share of household chores fell on the shoulders of a woman – wife and mother. She washed, cleaned, went grocery shopping, cooked, got us to school and helped with lessons.

Our mothers and grandmothers did not assume that it was possible to live differently, but does this scenario suit you?

If it seems to you that you are “carrying everything on yourself,” and your partner does not help you at all, it’s time to talk about it without waiting for your patience to run out.

Both of you are silent about the fact that s3x has “gone” from the relationship

For years, many couples manage not to notice the “elephant in the room” – a question of intimate relationships that has long remained unresolved. Perhaps one partner does not want s3x. Perhaps both.

In the first case, there is a great risk that the second partner will start looking for a way to satisfy their needs somewhere and with someone else.

In the second, it is important to understand what kind of relationship you have in general. Alas, this topic is still considered “uncomfortable”, “awkward” in many couples, but the sooner you start discussing it, the more chances you have to save your union.

You are too comfortable with each other

It would seem that there can be anything bad here at all – isn’t this what we all strive for? Yes and no. The problem is that when we feel completely comfortable, we relax and stop trying altogether. We no longer work on relationships, do not invest in them, but go with the flow.

And it is, of course, not about starting to “strain” and deliberately causing discomfort to each other. But it is important to continue to grow both individually and together, as a couple, to invest in your union. And this, first of all, implies an open dialogue about problems and about everything that worries you.

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