Mother kills her two children to marry a man she met on Facebook

A young Cameroonian woman, Ngum Hilda, had met a man on Facebook who had promised to marry her but on the condition that she will be childless. The single mother then resorts to killing her children.

It’s a story that looks like a Nollywood movie but took place in the city of Bamenda in Cameroon. Ngum Hilda, 26, a single mother

of four, has taken a drastic step to preserve a virtual love affair with a virtual boyfriend who only exists on Facebook.

The young woman was living at home with six children, her four children, and two of her sister’s children when her Facebook lover proposed to her.

Mother kills her two children to marry a man she met on Facebook
©Facebook – Ngum Hilda

On Thursday, July 15, 2021, Ngum did the unthinkable, preparing a special poisoned delicacy to send her six children to a world of no return.

By the time poisoned food was ready, two of her own biological children were already far away and playing. So she decided that she couldn’t wait and had to start with the four in the house (two of them belong to her sister and the other two belong to her).

After serving them their last supper with the worst of intentions, her two biological children died instantly while the other two, who belong to her sister, were rushed to the hospital, where they survived.

According to the local media, Ngum Hilda is currently in detention, and her virtual boyfriend cannot be found.

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