10 signs that you are not compatible with your partner

When you start dating someone and notice similarities in tastes, that’s fine, but far from being a reason to believe that you are genuinely compatible. To test this requires much more than just general likes and dislikes about something.

“People often have different hobbies and preferences, but they are perfectly compatible,” admitted Dr Kim Chronister. It’s about something like “opposites attract”. This is very instructive for those who thought their partner should mirror their tastes.

Here are 10 signs that you are not compatible:

1. You do not know how to agree with each other

Disagreements in relationships are not scary as long as they healthily manifest themselves. A compatible couple will argue their points of view wisely, without screaming and insults. An incompatible couple will use all the dirtiest arguments to prove their point.

2. Your partner is always against you

If your partner is always quick to take sides but not yours, then you are in trouble, more like a devil’s advocate than your support. Such a relationship will not have a long-term perspective.

3. One (or both) of you are very stressed

In this case, it isn’t easy to build relationships because you will break down on each other. It would help if you learned to be balanced to avoid conflicts.

4. Your level of clutter does not match

If you prefer minimalism (no dishes in the sink, no cluttered tables), then this can be a problem in a relationship with someone who is used to scattering. Over time, this can become frustrating for your partner as you decide to “nag” him.

5. You have a different sense of humour

It doesn’t sound very sensible, but it plays an important role. “Life is tough, and sometimes you need to be able to relax each other with fun,” admitted family and marriage therapist Virginia Gilbert.

6. You have different thoughts about money

Again, seemingly not a problem, but it can become a starting point. The couple should understand what they want to spend money on and what they don’t. Those who know how to make these decisions together can build strong relationships.

7. One of you is always late

This is not so bad at the early stage of a relationship, but it can become a severe problem because you have important things to do in common, so how can you be late? You may be able to teach your partner punctuality; otherwise, you may be disappointed.

8. You don’t feel safe

A healthy and strong relationship makes you feel comfortable and safe, but the opposite is a sign of incompatibility. The “right” person knows exactly how much attention and care must be given to you every day.

9. You have a different diet

If one overeats, and the other, on the contrary, then this can become a serious problem. Or, for example, one of the partners has food restrictions. It depends only on you whether you can eliminate such a problem as misunderstandings about food.

10. You change the subject too often during a conversation

If you are chatty, then your partners do not always like it because sometimes they want you to listen and not talk about yours all the time. In a relationship, it’s important to listen to each other!

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