Amorous young man writes 246 Nicoles in search of the right one

After Carlos Zetina, a student at the University of Calgary, had a pleasant conversation with a certain Nicole during a night out, he wanted to send the lady in question a text message afterwards. When it turned out that he had the wrong number, he decided to send an e-mail to all Nicoles from the university.

“We met in the campus café and talked and had a pretty interesting conversation,” says the young man. “She gave me her number, but I think she gave me the wrong by mistake, because when I texted her afterwards, someone else sent me a message that she was not.”

However, Zetina did not stay in touch and pulled all e-mail addresses from the university’s online address book, he told the Canadian radio channel CBC. As a result, all Nicoles and women with a similar name received the same e-mail. He wrote that he was looking for a Nicole who comes from the Netherlands and finds the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche “depressing”.

“By the way, I’m Carlos, the guy who brought you and your girlfriend home yesterday,” he said. “If you do not comply with this description, ignore it and if you are the right person and do not want to talk to me, then that is OK too.”

Facebook group
His e-mail did not immediately have the desired effect, but he did manage to unite the Nicoles from the campus. A number of them met in the Facebook group ‘Nicole From Last Night’. One of them sent an email to Zetina in which she told him about the Facebook group and that all Nicoles would help him find the right one.

“I thought it was funny”, says Zetina. “Some Nicoles started to text me and pretended to be her as a joke.”

A number of Nicoles from the Facebook group have already spoken in a restaurant. “When the e-mails started to come in, I was very excited and I immediately felt less alone on campus,” said Nicolette Riley. “And now we are a group.” The Nicoles now want to meet regularly.

The Nicole that the student was looking for, however, did not notice the message, because she was an exchange student. Eventually she learned through social media that Zetina was looking for her and in the meantime, she is also part of the Facebook group with her namesakes.

In a message she writes that she had given Carlos her number, but that he might have noted it wrong. In the meantime, she also had contact with the student who was looking for her so hard. “We plan to meet maybe next week,” says Zetina. “I really did not expect this to be such a big news.”

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