Are you a female traveller? These 10 best countries is for you

Oh! Autumn is in the country, that’s cool absolutely not. Do you also feel the need to leave the dreadful weather behind and seek the sun? And preferably on your own, so that you can completely relax? These destinations lend themselves perfectly.

Solo travel is more popular than ever, especially with women. For example, the words “solo female travel” were typed no less than 100 million times in the search bar of Google last year, a record. The British travel organization Ampersand Travel has therefore drawn up the Wander Women Index. In other words: a list with the best destinations for female solo travellers.

For the index, the organization did a survey of the female globetrotters. They wanted to know which factors were important when choosing a destination, such as women’s rights, culture, adventure, beautiful landscapes and whether you can make Instagram-worthy photos. Ampersand Travel

made a top ten on this basis.

Here are the top ten destinations:

10. Philippines

©Unsplash-El Nido, Palawan, Philippines.

9. Portugal

©Unsplash-Lisbon, Portugal.

8. Canada

© Unsplash-Vancouver, Canada.

7. Australia

© Unsplash-Bondi Beach, Australia.

6. Italy

© Unsplash-Firenze, Italy.

5. Indonesia

© Unsplash-Bali, Indonesia.

4. US

© Unsplash-San Francisco, USA.

3. Spain

© Unsplash-Seville, Spain.

2. France

© Unsplash-Paris, France.

1. Japan

© Unsplash-Kyoto, Japan.

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