Arizona’s Justice Minister sees no signs of electoral fraud

Mark Brnovich, the chief prosecutor and attorney general of the US state of Arizona, says there are no signals in his state to support President Donald Trump’s allegations about electoral fraud. On Sunday, Trump’s campaign team filed another lawsuit in the southwestern state over allegedly falsely rejected ballots from Trump’s supporters.

Since Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden, was declared the winner on Saturday, Trump has refused to acknowledge his loss and has launched a legal offensive trying to prove that the Democrats have committed fraud. This is also the case in Arizona.

Brnovich, like Trump, a Republican, also said in an interview with the news channel Fox News that, according to him, a possible recount in Arizona would do little to change the state of affairs in that state.

According to CNN, Democrat Joe Biden currently has a head start of almost 13,000 votes on Trump, a difference that is usually not bridged in a recount. Traditionally, Arizona has been regarded as a Republican stronghold. Bill Clinton was the last Democratic presidential candidate for Biden to win the state in 1996.

Voices of Latinos and Indians

Among others, the Latinos and the Indian population of the state probably contributed to a majority voting for Biden in Arizona. Donald Trump’s many insults against John McCain, the late Senator of Arizona, and Republican presidential candidate in 2008 may not have worked in the President’s favor either. McCain’s widow, a moderate Republican who was a good friend of Joe Biden, had therefore called for a vote in favor of Biden.

Trump’s campaign team also suffered a legal defeat in Arizona on Wednesday. One lawyer wanted the Maricopa County District Court to secure alleged evidence of falsely invalidating Trump’s votes. This was refused by the judge after the opposing party’s lawyers had successfully argued that there was no evidence.

Chief prosecutor Brnovich is not the only party member who had to disappoint Trump on Wednesday. Georgia State Secretary of the Interior Brad Raffensperger has also said he sees no evidence in his state for Trump’s allegations of ballot-box fraud against the Democrats.

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