Arsenal: The moving message of Arsene Wenger’s farewell (photos)

Arsene Wenger, the outgoing coach of the Gunners, last Thursday addressed the crowd for the last time at the end-of-season fundraiser of the Arsenal Foundation.

Several players including the old ones were present.

The Arsenal Foundation Ball is a charitable event that raises funds for many projects supported by the club.

In his speech, Wenger expressed pride in the charity work the club does.

“It’s an important night for us, I know because I’ve been here for 22 years, but do not worry; I will not come back anymore. But I would like to say to all fans of Arsenal, never stop defending the values of the club. One of these values is tonight. We cannot change tonight. Since I arrived here, this club has grown on the football front of course, but also on charity work,” said Wenger, quoted by Dailymail.

“Personally, I leave my job with pride, knowing that I leave behind something worthy, which is really important. Football is not only about winning trophies and winning, but also about helping others.”

“It’s my last night and I’m a little emotional, but I have to say it’s nice to see you here every year,” he added.

The event, celebrated under the theme “Night of inspiration”, raised 442,734 books. The Arsenal players and the manager donated 100,000 pounds. Mesut Ozil has promised to give 30,000 more pounds.

According to Dailymail, these funds will be donated for a number of charitable causes and a portion will be used to renovate the football fields in North London.

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