As father digs grave to bury his newborn baby, she begins to cry

A succession of negligent acts has claimed the life of a newborn baby in the Indian city of Gogunda in the state of Rajasthan. She was presumed dead but cried during her burial and later died.

Neglect by medical personnel claimed the life of a newborn baby in the Indian state of Rajasthan, the Times of India reports. The mother-in-law of the woman who gave birth to a girl on Thursday, July 9, said the nurse on the delivery team decided that the newborn was dead, covered her with a plastic bag, and handed her to her mother.

The family trusted her and recovered the body for burial. But as her father and another relative dug her grave, the baby began to cry.

The parents returned to the medical center, where the doctors called an ambulance to transport the baby to the district hospital. The vehicle did not arrive until an hour and a half later when the baby’s condition had deteriorated, resulting in her death.

The parents accuse, the doctors justify themselves

The parents of the dead child accuse the medical staff of negligence. The doctors claim that they did not find the baby dead and that the parents took him away without their knowledge. One staff member reported that this was a premature child and that such children do not start crying immediately.

At the end of May, the Indian Express had announced that a living child had been mistakenly buried in the state of Gujarat. The next morning a passer-by discovered a screaming baby that was covered with soil.

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