Australian finds the ultimate means to scare lovers off his fiancé

How to prevent your girlfriend from getting too many greedy looks on the beach? A question that ranks high in terms of sexism, but an Australian influencer seems to have found the perfect answer. Pedro Cuccovillo Vitola surprised his muse with a bathing suit on which his own face is depicted in large.

The man is known for his funny videos and so everything has to be taken with a strong grain of salt. “It’s common knowledge that my girlfriend Patty loves bikinis and that I absolutely don’t like to spend money on them,” he explains to his 12,500 followers. “But this time I was able to put my feelings aside and I bought the perfect bikini for her.”

The video shows how Patty is first blindfolded, then she has to change her outfit. If the young lady finally looks straight into the mirror, the shock effect is successful.

But the laughter comes quickly. “What is this supposed to be? It’s horrible. I should actually put it on the beach,” said a sporty Patty.

The crazy couple got engaged two months ago during a trip to Disneyland in Tokyo. Since then they live together.

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