Baba Vanga predicted gift from Africa and complete break in US-Russian relations in 2022

In Bulgaria, they found and made public the prophecies of Baba Vanga for 2022. The blind clairvoyant has not been in this world for exactly a quarter of a century, but her predictions continue to come true. And the outgoing year of the Ox was no exception.

Everything she warned about happened in 2021. She predicted the invasion of foreigners in Europe. Looking at the footage from the Belarusian-Polish border, who can now say that these are grandmother’s tales? Vanga is still more alive than all the living. How else to explain her precisely fulfilled forecast of the resignation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel?

From the new transcripts of the Bulgarian scientists, it can be seen that the year of the Tiger will not be easy. In any case, in relations between the United States and Russia.

Deciphering Wanga’s prediction: “Relations with the United States will become more complicated up to a complete rupture. They will recover after 2022”. But the world war, according to Vanga’s forecasts, will not happen.

Gift from Africa

From the testimonies of Boika Tsvetkova and Vitka Petrovskaya – women who wrote down Vangelia Gushterova – “Baba Vanga”, it is known: her words, uttered in the 70s of the last century, contained hints of big trouble – a global epidemic of a “new viral disease” which will begin at the end of the first decade of this century. And the trouble came – in the form of Covid-19. There is nothing to doubt about. There is no other such “new viral disease” on a global scale.

Baba Vanga also predicted that a vaccine against the new-found infection would be created – they say, even a year will not pass. And it didn’t. The first vaccine, Sputnik V, was registered in August 2020. Thanks to the Gamaleya Center. Well, and Vange, who from the other world, encouraged our scientists.

However, the soothsayer said that the same epidemic would begin in Africa. And the infection, as is commonly believed, came from China.

Was Grandma wrong? Almost everyone believed so, including me. It was believed until it became known about the phenomenon of the world of a new strain of coronavirus – “omicron”. It was from Africa that it began to spread – from South Africa. This strain is much more “vicious” than the previous ones.

It’s scary to think, but suddenly it was the “African omicron” that Wang had in mind, predicting that the infection, which rapidly swept across all continents, would claim about 100 million lives. By the way, skeptics made fun of this prophecy, writing it down in the mistakes of Baba Vanga. Like, she got excited.

As of mid-December 2021, just over 5 million cases have died worldwide – 20 times less than predicted. But who knows how, in the end, this omicron will turn out to be dangerous. Or some kind of mutation. In a word, it would be better if Vanga was really mistaken here.

The terrible day of “five twos or Six twos” ahead of us

A year ago, a certain Sergei Kostorny, a journalist who called himself a close acquaintance of Baba Vanga, made public her “secret” prophecy, allegedly made in the 80s of the last century. “I almost heard it myself.”

The essence of the prophecy is that a terrible day of “five twos” is coming, on which something terrible will happen on a global scale. What exactly is unknown. But it will not seem a little.

Vanga’s acquaintance spoke about the fateful “five deuces” on the air of Channel One in 2020. The mystically minded public, to put it mildly, was on guard, waiting for December 22, 2020 – 12/22/2020, but nothing terrible happened. As well as this year – on 02/22/2021. Has it carried over? Not yet. Indeed, in December of this year, “five twos” will again converge – on the day of 12/22/2021. So it’s too early to relax, we still have 02/02/2022, 12/02/2022, 22/02/2022, and 02/12/2022, 12/12/2022, 22/12/2022. Who knows what kind of “deuces” Baba Vanga had on her mind.

By the way, the upcoming new year 2022 will keep us on our toes – in the sense of “twos”. There will be five pieces in each of its months, except for those when as many as six pieces are assembled – 02/22/2022 and 12/22/2022. And in the distant future, and seven “twos” will not be avoided – 02.22.2222 and 12.22.2222. Our descendants will have reasons to remember Baba Vanga.

What Vanga had in store for the new year

Bulgarian media got hold of somewhere and published hold of predictions of their seer, claiming that they refer to 2022:

  • Covid-19 is not going anywhere, but people will put up with the existence of a deadly infection.
  • There will be no world war. So from the possible global horror stories associated with the “day of five twos”, this threat can be excluded.
  • Some people will become poorer, while others, on the contrary, will become fabulously rich – rich without money. Experts believe that predicting this, Vanga foresaw the spread of cryptocurrency and electronic money, which would allow abandoning cash.

Vanga’s last predictions before his death

The predictions of the seer Vanga before her death are considered the most terrible in history. They were recorded by those close to her. Some facts are still kept secret.

Vanga argued that by 2023 the Earth’s orbit would change, but this fact will remain unnoticed by everyone. In 2024, a time of prosperity and tranquillity will begin in some countries. The happiness will not last long – by 2033, due to global warming, the level of the world’s oceans will rise significantly, and some parts of the land will be flooded.

In 2043, the Muslim world will win, and world politics will be harmonized. By 2050, mankind will invent ships that can fly at the speed of light. In the mid-60s, a war is expected between Muslim Europe and America, in which chemical weapons will be used. In the 70s, people will no longer want to fight – the only concern will be the restoration of nature. The class division will disappear.

In the late 80s, a disease will appear, from which a person will grow old in a few days. The medicine will be invented only after 12 years. In 2111, people will become cyborgs, there will be no more sick and disabled people. Contact with alien civilizations will soon be established.

By 2167, a new religion will emerge, the beginnings of which already exist. By the end of the 22nd century, a new race will emerge – a mixture of Asians and Europeans. The fundamental physical units of measurement will have to be recalculated.

In the middle of the 23rd century, a terrible disease will appear, for which there will be no cure. The orbits of all planets will move a lot. At the end of the century, people will make their first time travel. The first alien tourists will appear.

In 2340, a terrible disaster will come to Earth from space. In the late 50s, an accident will occur on one of the artificial Suns created by man – a drought will ensue. At the end of the 24th century, a new, rapidly multiplying race will emerge. According to one version, humanity will die, according to another, it will move to another planet. It is possible that people will live on Earth until the end of the set.

In any case, it is dangerous to look far into the future, the more further predictions are similar to the plots of science fiction films. It is important to remember that not all of Vanga’s visions came true, so you can try to change the future with human efforts.

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