Top 5 scary predictions for 2021: World will end in 2021

At this point, it is safe to say that 2020 was not a good year. It has been a bit of a disaster, and there is now a joke going around that everyone will stay awake until midnight, not to welcome the New Year, but to make sure the old one goes away.

No one knows what the next 12 months will bring, and that is the reality. People are usually optimistic about this time of a new beginning, which is all well and good. But these prophecies, taken in the context of the current state of the world, should serve as a warning, if not a direct sign, of what the future may hold.

Top five terrifying predictions for the year 2021

1. Famine like the Biblical

Top five terrifying predictions for the year 2021
Dry land

The inference message for some predictions seems that we are on the way to the end of the day. Nostrodamus prophesied that along with these many adversities and trials, we could expect a famine on a biblical scale, and the Bible itself in the Book of Revelation states the same thing. We are visited by the plague anyway, so the next rider is famine.

It is very simple to laugh at these apocalyptic predictions. They have been made many times before, and they will surely continue. However, as we see the devastating effects of climate change on global food production and the ever-increasing reports of the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and food shortages, you would be forgiven for laughing nervously and uncertainly. And, if grocery shop shelves continue to empty, the laughter may soon stop.

2. Encounter with the celestial body

Top five terrifying predictions for the year 2021

Of course, there is a lot to worry about in 2021 and, if you follow the path of events, you might add a potential asteroid strike. Possible, because the man who made the prediction, Nostrodamus, unsure whether a celestial body will hit the earth, saying only, you can see fire and a long trail of sparks in the sky.

This doesn’t sound so bad, but this event is not necessarily a catastrophe in itself, but instead a sort of foreshadowing of the general destruction and dystopia we can expect in 2021. But if a giant asteroid were heading in our direction, wouldn’t we already know about it?

Well, yes! We already know. NASA is monitoring a large meteor called 2009 KF1, and the present orbital analysis predicts a high probability that the comet could collide with our poor planet on 6th May 2021.

3. Terrible weather

Top five terrifying predictions for the year 2021

So far, 2021 does not look threatening, as long as you are not a politician or celebrity, or celebrity, but before the rest of us breathed a sigh of relief, both Nostradamus and Baba Vanga gave nasty weather predictions for 2021.

In addition to earthquakes, the French seer told us we could expect widespread floods and solar storms. Baba Vanga was also of the general opinion that we would see severe weather events with some frequency during 2021.

These prophecies may have seemed strange at the time they were predicted, but you cannot watch the news today without hearing the words ‘climate change’ and ‘sustainable development’, so much so that the consensus is that if we do not make radical changes now, disaster will be inevitable.

4. Human-Machine soldiers (Cyborg)

Top five terrifying predictions for the year 2021

Once a theme of science-fiction stories and far-fetched fantasy, man and machine integration has become a reality and is growing rapidly. Notably, Nostradamus predicted the emergence of cyborg soldiers in 2021, almost 600 years ago.

As disturbing as the thought of an army of cyborg soldiers is, there is some good news here. According to a French astrologer, they are coming to save us. However, he seems to suggest that they will be American, and given the country’s history of unwanted military intervention, such a ‘rescue’ is probably something the world could do without.

What is really remarkable here is that there has been rapid progress in human-machine hybrid technology and that its military applications are being most actively explored. It goes without saying that America will be one of the first countries to unleash cyborgs on the battlefield, so, again, it seems that Nostradamus’ prediction will come true.

5. The second coming of Messiah

5. The second coming of Messiah

It seems that the world will end in 2021. If you do not want to take Nostrodamus at its word, fear not. An unlikely alliance between mathematicians and biblical scholars confirms this grim prediction.

Richard Show’s documentary Torah Codes: ‘An End to Darkness’ popularised the DaVinci Code-like idea of searching for hidden signs and symbols in ancient texts, and an interpretation of the apparent prophecy hidden in Old Testament writings is that the Jewish Messiah will come in 2021.

Rabbi Galtserson adopted this idea and ran with it, becoming a small Youtube celebrity. He claims that the end of the world began in 2016 and will end in 2021 with the second coming of Christ.

That would be good news if it did not mean the end of the world as we know it. But on the other hand, anything would be better.

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