“Baltic UFO” or “Baltic Anomaly” – about a strange object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea

There are many mysteries on the territory of our planet. Some of them attributed to the part of UFOs. It is to these that the strange thing located at the very bottom of the Baltic Sea belongs. At one time, this strange object made a lot of noise. Who has not tried to investigate it — starting from professional archaeologists and historians and ending with ordinary ufologists-theorists.

A lot of assumptions have been put forward about it, both completely scientific and fantastic. However, what this object really is is still unclear. In the media, this thing is known by such names as “Baltic UFO” or “Baltic anomaly”. It is only known that this object is round. In the past, a group of Swedish underwater researchers under the command of Peter Lindbergh and Dennis Asberg worked alongside it.

"Baltic UFO" has approximate diameter of about 60 meters
“Baltic UFO” has an approximate diameter of about 60 meters. ©Pinterest

Scientists have managed to establish that the object is underwater at a depth of 87 meters — this is a very dangerous dive for a person, especially considering the cold waters of the Baltic Sea. The Swedes made the first deep-sea survey of the object. Someone even suggested that it was not a UFO at all, but some mysterious structure created by the Third Reich at the height of World War II.

Allegedly, the Nazis could use it to stop enemy submarines. However, this version has not been confirmed. The question remains — why does this thing have the shape of a flying saucer? Its approximate diameter is about 60 meters, which is quite a lot, and the geometric shapes are too correct for a natural formation.

Immediately there were people who compared the shape of this object with the famous ship “Millennium Falcon” from “Star Wars”. There was also an assumption that it was one of the flying saucers that crashed in the waters of the Baltic Sea.

What is interesting – near the object were found strong irregularities of the seabed in the form of powerful striations extending from the “saucer” as much as 300 meters.

the shape of the object, it is three-dimensional
The shape of the object is three-dimensional. ©Vk.com/@ezom

Indeed, all this reminds us of either a crash or an emergency landing. As for the shape of the object, it is three-dimensional: the object looks something like a mushroom cap rising above the sea bed at about 4 meters. Someone even made out some strange traces on the photo that look like traces of burning soot.

It is interesting that radio equipment near this object works very badly. In general, all electronics within 200 meters of the object are periodically turned off. One of the expeditions managed to take a sample from depth – a small stone, most likely basalt, with traces of burnt organic material. It turned out that it was an ordinary basalt rock of volcanic origin.

As for the representatives of official science are trying in every possible way to convince the public that this object has a geological origin, and the huge furrows from it are traces of the passage of a huge glacier through this territory in the past. According to official researchers, at that time, the Baltic Sea was just beginning to form, and allegedly, this huge piece of basalt ended up at the bottom of the modern Baltic Sea.

The strange shape of the object is allegedly nothing more than an absolutely natural formation under the influence of a glacier and seawater. But how nature “managed” to create an object of a fairly regular shape and the shape of a flying saucer — no one from the researchers could answer.

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