Benin: what is accused of Komi, Yaya, Djenontin, Djibril and others

The Honorable Valentin Djenontin, Idrissou Bako, Atao Hinnouho, former Minister of Agriculture Fatouma Amadou Djibril, Garba Yaya, the former Minister of Labor and Komi Koutche the former national treasurer will soon be brought to justice to explain on folders involving their name.

This is the Sonapra file, that of “fake drugs”, “fraudulent contests” and the theft of money at Komi Kuche’s home.

This information was given by Leandre Houngbédji, communication director of the Presidency of the Republic who was this Friday, February 16, 2018, on the ocean radio channel FM.

According to Leandre Houngbedji, the former ministers Valentin Djenontin, Idrissou Bako have shown lightness in the management of the cotton sector in Sonapra. A behavior that caused a huge loss to the state, estimated at 125 billion CFA francs.

Regarding the Atao Hinnouho MP, the justice demanded the lifting of his parliamentary immunity to be able to shed light on the trafficking of “false medicine” in which he is involved. He will have to work on several tons of “fake drugs” discovered at his home.

As for former minister Yaya, he is quoted in the organization of fraudulent contests.
Former Minister of Economy and Finance Komi Koutche is wanted for a $ 700 million robbery incident at his home in 2016. Justice would like to have an idea about where this important sum came from.

For Leandre Houngbedji, the request for the lifting of immunity to certain deputies is already on the table of the National Assembly which must play its part in the fight against corruption and mismanagement of public funds.

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