Bergamo probably most dangerous place in the world now: “sorrow everywhere”

Of all the countries in the world, Italy is most affected by Covid-19. Nearly 5,500 people have already died – with a jump of 651 new deaths since yesterday. In the northern region of Lombardy lies the current epicenter of the corona crisis: Bergamo. People have been locking themselves up for weeks, but the fear of becoming infected does not disappear.

The current epicenter of the epidemic is the Italian city of Bergamo. This is probably now the most dangerous place in the world. More people died of the virus than anywhere else. The historic town is almost entirely deserted and locked. There is a general sense of fear. “Seeing friends and family die slowly, seeing how people cannot be saved: that’s heartbreaking,” testifies a lonely passer-by.

Carefully, with mouth masks, a few people gather at City Hall. They come to register the names of their dead relatives. The majority of deaths in Bergamo are older people. Serena and Michele are 73 and reach for the first time in a while to catch some rays of the sun. Despite their prudence, they are also scared: “We are concerned because we are in an area where the spread and death toll is still rising.”

The funeral directors in the city can barely keep up with the number of requests. Almost 5,500 people have died in all of Italy.

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