Billie Eilish defends friendship with Drake: “Nothing creepy on”

There’s nothing weird about the friendship between Billie Eilish and Drake. That’s what the singer says in a new interview with Vogue, in which she says: ‘The internet is such a stupid mess now, everyone is so sensitive’.

Eilish informed Vanity Fair a few months ago that she had texting contact with the musician, whom she called “the nicest guy ever”. She was then 17, and he was 33, so there was a lot of comment on the rapper online.

Billie Eilish defends friendship with Drake: “Nothing creepy on”
Billie Eilish

According to the now 18-year-old, there are more significant problems than “a grown man who is a fan of an artist.” In the interview, she says: “there are so many people the internet should be more concerned about. Are you really gonna tell me that Drake is creepy because he’s a fan of mine, and then you vote for Trump? What the f*ck?”

Billie Eilish at the Grammy
Billie Eilish at the Grammy

Last year, actress Millie Bobby Brown stood up for Drake, who she considers a friend. The then 14-year-old wrote on her social media, “Why does a beautiful friendship become a headline? I am happy that there are people in the business who take the time to help me move forward in my career, who give me advice and share their knowledge. Can you talk about real problems in the world again and not about my friendships?”

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