Billie Eilish lost 100,000 followers after sexy photo but goes step further

Singer Billie Eilish has recently lost 100,000 Instagram followers after she posted a photo in which her bosom was slightly visible. Fans said they wanted the ‘old Billie’ back, known for the baggy clothes. Eilish doesn’t get it and today shares one of her least revealing photos yet. “People are afraid of big breasts.”

That’s what she tells Elle, the magazine she did the photoshoot for. The American star is only 19 years old, but her body has been under a magnifying glass for years.

You could draw her in oversized clothes, with which, according to many, she wanted to make a point. It would be a criticism of colleagues who do dress sexy. In reality, Billie did it because the clothes were comfortable, and people were less able to form an opinion about her body.

After all, her own thoughts are difficult enough: Billie struggles with body dysmorphia, a psychological disorder in which you are obsessed with your appearance and don’t think you are beautiful enough.

The clothing style led to Billie being called ‘slut’ and ‘fake’ when she showed some skin. Especially when she did her historic Vogue shoot earlier this year and appeared in public wearing a corset. Many people were yelling, others had lost ‘their’ Billie.

The singer can imagine something but does not understand it. “I lost 100,000 followers just because of the boobs,” she says with a sad smile. “People are afraid of big breasts.” About longing for the old Billie, she says, “People hold on to the memories and feel connected to them. But it’s also inhumane,” she says.

No other human

Because Eilish is criticized for behavior that is considered normal in other people – especially men. The singer hates the American heat and recently decided to wear a tank top. She already heard the critics in her head because she must have another message. “And I thought, no, it’s really hot and I just want to wear a tank top.”

Plus, with less baggy clothes—and her new blond hair, as other critics say—not all of a sudden a different person. “I am still the same person. I’m not different Barbie dolls with different heads.”


The criticism remains difficult for Billie, who says negative comments “hurt her soul.” But she’s learning to deal with it.

Like when a fan recently said she’s had enough of her ‘boring’ outfits these days. She responded with a funny photo of herself in a huge, shapeless blue suit. “What you want this again?” she joked. And the internet laughed, Elle writes. “Not because of her, but with her.”

Billie jokingly responded to a critical question from a fan
Billie jokingly responded to a critical question from a fan. ©Instagram Stories Billie Eilish

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