Bizarre nose fracture for MMA fighter after brutal duel in cage

An average MMA game is going spicy, but yesterday UFC welterweight Mike Perry and opponent Vincente Luque did it very well. The former lost the game and was left with an ugly nose break, as can be seen on a photo that circulated on social media after the game.

During the mixed martial arts event, which took place in Montevideo, Uruguay, Perry was hit so hard, his nose literally shifted. The incident occurred during the second round of the fight, when Luque Perry kneeled. He got caught in the nose of the American fighter.

Yet that wasn’t a good reason for the perry to stop the fight. Despite his injuries, he fought the duel to hear that he had just lost after an initially divided jury.

During cage fighting, usually tall men, dressed in boxer shorts, face each other. They wear gloves with small impact cushions and open fingers, allowing them to place corners and punches. In MMA, there are almost no rules: participants are even allowed to clamp and wriggle. The sport is a combination of boxing, kickboxing, tossing, jiu-jitsu, and judo.

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