Bizzare: Man shows his selfie of before and after accident

The previous and subsequent selfies have divided social networks, some make fun of the man, while others say it is real and nothing funny.

The users of the social networks were confused on Wednesday morning after the Twitter user @nicole_fkay shared two photos of a man before and after an accident.

The vehicle is apparently a Nagi bus that connects Harare with Maputo.

In the first photo, the man took a selfie with a red bus and characters in the background. The group of passengers took a break or the bus broke down. And people were forced to stay outside until the problem was resolved.

In the second photo, the same man publishes another selfie, this time with his head. And face dusty, and the same bus in the background, this time on his roof.

While most people made fun of the man, while lamenting the other affected travellers. Some said that the photos would not have been real. They argued that it must be a scene filmed for a movie.

“Why am I not seeing the funny side to this. The man just survived an accident and I can’t help but wonder if everyone is alright,” said user @Arc.’Tunde, while @Potlako Pk wrote: “So he even got a chance for selfie after the tragedy. Man is leadership … he’s a very reliable source.”

These were some of the other comments on Twitter:

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