Bloomberg trolls Trump with giant billboards: “Trump eats burnt steak”

“Donald Trump declared bankruptcy 6 times” Or “Donald Trump cheats at golf.” Or “Donald Trump eats burnt steak.” Not really relevant political messages that you would expect in a presidential election campaign. But Mike Bloomberg places them everywhere and pays millions for that.

The American president Donald Trump has gotten a big troll. Co-billionaire and fellow citizen Mike Bloomberg has the West of the United States hung around this week with flashing billboards. That billboard campaign alone would cost the New Yorker four million dollars.

TV, radio, internet

Bloomberg also put hundreds of millions in biting campaign videos and radio spots in which he pokes fun at the self-image of the American president. With nearly $365 million in such traditional campaign spots, Bloomberg shattered the record.

That amount does not, however, take into account expenditure for campaigns on the internet, for example, on YouTube, Facebook, and Google. For instance, in the last two weeks, he spent more than a million dollars on Facebook ads every day, and he also sought refuge with online influencers and memes. Twitter has meanwhile also blocked 70 accounts that were paid for by the Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign.

And now also billboards

The billboards have now been added. Bloomberg prefers to rent them near Donald Trump hotels or in places where the president will address his fans later this week.

The groceries are fun for some but rather childish and too personal for others, in the same way, that Trump himself can also harass opponents on Twitter. The president likes to plague Bloomberg – which he invariably puts away as “Mini Mike” – about his posture.


Trump is now fully taken aback by Bloomberg: because he would cheat on golf (they used to play golf together regularly), because he indeed has several bankruptcies to his name and because he likes burnt steak, preferably topped with ketchup. The latter is also true but mainly led to adverse reactions against Bloomberg.

Research shows that most Americans prefer to eat their steak like Trump. That Bloomberg prefers to eat his meat ‘weird’ (not well done), as the advertisement says, would say something about how far he is from the common man, stresses from the Trump camp. “Well, he likes fast food and scoops up extra ice cream. Trump’s manners are the last of everyone’s concerns,” said a commentary in the conservative weekly Washington Examiner.

Missed the ball?

Gerry Frenze, an entrepreneur who was in Las Vagas this weekend, was also not impressed by Bloomberg’s campaign. “So many people cheat on golf, and it must be that he does it. But I don’t like it at all that Bloomberg thinks he can buy into the White House like that.” According to Sean Hannity, star presenter of Fox News and the biggest media friend of Donald Trump, Bloomberg himself is screwed up because he’s very expensive campaign strategists would miss the ball entirely with these billboards.

While Bloomberg still has plenty of work to do with fellow candidates in the Democratic camp – who must have none of the billionaires – the gloves are now gone when it comes to boxing with Donald Trump. Bloomberg has already spent $417 million on mainly anti-Trump publicity. Whether that will have the desired effect is still very doubtful. It certainly works as a red patch on Trump fans. A Bloomberg election office was damaged last week, reports Bloomberg’s website.

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