Boy (7) with cerebral palsy saves family from CO poisoning

A seven-year-old boy with cerebral palsy is hailed a hero in the United States after saving his family from CO poisoning. ‘A lot of people look at people with disabilities as if they can’t do much, but Michael showed everyone how untrue that is,” said his mother, Angie Martinez.

Michael Martinez was born with cerebral palsy, which prevents him from walking independently and requires a wheelchair to get around. He can also move his right arm with great difficulty, his mother explained to Fox News.

However, it didn’t stop him from crawling into his parents’ bedroom like a real hero on Thursday night – long after they had already fallen asleep – to warn them of the sound of an alarm going off downstairs.

All seven family members, including his three cousins and aunt, were asleep when the little boy heard an alarm beep four times in succession, just before 11 p.m. It was a sound the family had never heard before in the fourteen years they lived in the house.

At first, his parents thought it was a smoke detector with flat batteries, but they soon realized it was actually from the carbon monoxide detector.


After a quick search on Google, the family discovered that the four beeps indicated an emergency. They opened all the windows and rushed out of the house. By the time they got outside, Angie Martinez felt “very sick and nauseous”. Her sister also got short of breath.

The family later discovered that the alarm had been triggered by a stove that had continued to burn. Angie Martinez stressed how important these alarms are because they can save your life. But without the brave boy, things could have ended completely.

‘A lot of people look at people with disabilities as if they can’t do much, but Michael showed everyone how untrue that is,’ said Angie Martinez. ‘We have told Michael that he is our hero. If it wasn’t for him, we probably never would have woken up.’

After news of the heroic deed got out, the family began to receive donations to buy a motorized wheelchair for Michael so that he can move around more easily in the near future. A great gift for a superhero.

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