British man died after bite by sea snake in Australia

In Australia a 23-year-old British man was killed after being bitten on a fishing boat by a sea snake. Perhaps this is the first recorded dead of a sea snake ever Down Under.

The man had pulled up a fishing net around the coast of North Australia at 9 a.m. local time when he was bitten. The emergency services had to pull out to the boat near ‘Groote Eylandt’, but could not save the Brit’s life. The body of the victim was then transferred to the city of Borroloola on the mainland. An autopsy will be carried out there, the police confirmed.

It is probably the first recorded dead by a sea snake ever in Australia according to researchers. Professor Bryan Fry of the University of Queensland described it as a “tragic accident”. “In general, they are gentle animals.”

The sea snake in question might have ended up in the fishing net and got on board. Possibly the animal was injured as a result of which it was removed.

Sea snakes are very poisonous, but due to their limited contact with humans, bites are relatively rare.

Australia is home to 30 of the 70 known species worldwide according to the ‘Australian Institute of Marine Science’.

Source: BBC

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