British Police investigate racist tirade on Ryanair flight

The British police have investigated a racist tirade on board a Ryanair flight. There a man went against a black woman at age. Images of the incident have caused a great deal of controversy on social media.

A passenger filmed how the man fills his fellow passenger on the flight from Barcelona to London-Stansted airport. He threatens to physically push the woman to another place and calls her, among other things, “a stupid, ugly cow”. To leave her attacker, she eventually be assigned a different place to sit.

The filmmaker is surprised that the scolding man did not have to leave the device. “I have experienced that the police have been called and passengers have been removed for less”, he told BBC Radio. “If the roles had been reversed and a black man had attacked an older, disabled white woman, it would have been very different.”

Burden of arthritis
The daughter of the woman told the Huffington Post news site that her mother is suffering from arthritis. As a result, the 77-year-old woman needed some time to stand up for the man who tried to reach his chair by the window. He then ignited in anger. According to the daughter, the journey was meant to cheer up her mother. “In a few weeks it will be a year since my father died”, she explains. Her 77-year-old mother felt “very sad and depressed”. She is even more upset by the incident on the plane, says the 53-year-old daughter. Ryanair said that it had reported the incident to the British authorities. The police in Essex now say they are taking the incident seriously and are conducting research in collaboration with Ryanair and the Spanish authorities.


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