Black woman is hurled racist curses during Ryanair’s flight [Video]

On social media a video is circulating showing how a black woman was treated racist by a fellow traveller during a flight from Ryanair. Another passenger filmed the incident that is causing a lot of commotion now.

The video was uploaded on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter the day before yesterday. The incident would have taken place during a flight from Barcelona to London. The images show that an angry man indicates just before taking off not wanting to sit next to the black woman. He starts to scold and calls her an “ugly black bastard”. The man threatens that he would otherwise push her to another seat.

“Do not talk to me in a foreign language. You stupid, ugly cow,” says furious passenger during Ryanair flight

Every reply from the 77-year-old woman from London is welcomed to a new call. “Do not talk to me in a foreign language. You stupid, ugly cow.” Another passenger tries to appease things, but the angry man does not know how to stop and eventually even pulls the longest end. He may stay in place while the woman has to sit somewhere else. Satisfied he says to the crew: “It is fine, she is gone.”

Ryanair’s summary response
But on social media this racist incident does get a bit of a tail. People are not only totally unhappy about the incident itself, but also about the reaction of the price fighter that leaves something to be desired. For example, BBC host Jeremy Vine is stirring on Twitter: “If this is Ryanair, they have to explain how this disgusting racist behaviour of this man can lead to the woman having to sit elsewhere”.

Ryanair has made it clear on Twitter that the company is aware of the video and has reported the incident to the Essex police. “It’s now up to the police, that’s why we cannot respond to it”, it added.

The daughter of the woman told the ‘Huffington Post’ that she will never fly with Ryanair again. “If a black passenger had behaved in this way, they would have immediately called the police and that traveller would have been taken offboard immediately,” she says.

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