British woman loses 34 kg by renouncing this practice – photos

A young Briton managed to get rid of her excess weight by ending the romantic dinners she shared with her partner. She lost 34 kilos in one year.

Adrienne Marsh, a 24-year-old Londoner, has recovered and lost 34 kilograms by putting an end to her excesses on romantic evenings. The young woman and her companion were indeed regulars in cafes and restaurants.

During these romantic dinners, twice a week, it was not uncommon for the couple to order hearty meals, consisting of two courses and various cocktails.

“My classic starter consisted of stuffed potatoes, which alone can contain 2,000 calories [kcal, note]. Followed by a pizza, a chicken burger, and fries or a pasta dish, which again can vary from 1,000 to 2,000 calories […] Five Pina Coladas contains 870 calories, so a meal had about 4,000 calories,” Adrienne explains to the Daily Mail.

Loss of 34 kilos

Over the course of these romantic dinners, Adrienne Marsh gained weight, until the scales ended up showing 102 kilos. The young woman then decided to go on a diet in January 2019.

British woman loses 34 kg by renouncing this practice – photos
©Instagram/Adrienne – Before and After

She explains that she had the click when she could not find a dress to her size, for her graduation.

The Londoner finally lost 34 pounds in a year, quitting romantic dinners, and swapping pizzas for vegetables. It went from 4,000 kcal per meal to 1,000 kcal per day.

On her Instagram page, the young Briton posted several photos of her transformation and shared tips about her weight loss.

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