Bugatti Veyron creates buzz in Zambia amid money laundering

Many people have photographed the Bugatti Veyron classified as one of the most impressive super-cars. The arrival of a Bugatti imported into Zambia is the subject that is creating a buzz on social networks in Zambia, evidenced by the high flow of comments on Twitter.

Zambians never tire of talking and sharing photos of the luxury car that arrived in the country on Monday. According to information widely relayed on the web, it is the very first car of this brand in the country. The owner of the rare Bugatti Veyron is not known, although industry experts estimate that it costs between $2 and $3 million.

Shortly after, the car “landed” at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka on Monday – via a commercial flight – its photos were posted on Twitter. “Anyway someone flew a Bugatti into Zambia via Emirates. How is your Monday going?” It sounds.

No, it does not stop on Monday, Zambians took photos and videos of the car as it drove through the capital, Lusaka, on Tuesday: “Zambians reacting at the arrival of a Bugatti Veyron must be the funniest thing Americans are hearing right now,” tweeted by @luther9874

Zambian authorities finally seized the Bugatti Veyron, which was imported into the country on Monday, pending an investigation into possible money laundering. “The vehicle has been seized since then, while investigations are underway,” said the Zambian Drug Control Commission in a statement.

Bugatti Veyron creates buzz in Zambia amid money laundering

The state’s investigative wing said it received “many concerns” from the public.

“Following the concerns raised, the committee is following up to ensure that the purchase of the vehicle does not violate any law on money laundering,” the statement said. But Zambian Authorities could not disclose the name of the car owner to the media. However, they revealed that the owner had paid all taxes related to customs clearance, but did not provide further details when asked about the value and total of the taxes.

“The only thing we can confirm is that the taxes have been paid. The other details that we cannot give because we have to respect taxpayer confidentiality, in accordance with the law and our values,” said Topsy Sikalinda, spokesman for the Zambian tax administration.

Zambia is the fifth most impoverished country in the world, according to the local think tank, the Agricultural Policy Research Institute of Indaba.

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