Burkina Faso: 6 deaths in a stampede

6 people died in a scramble after a religious service in the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, on the night of Friday to Saturday. An investigation has been opened by the prosecutor of Faso to situate the responsibilities, reports BBC Africa.

In the courtyard of the sports centre that welcomed the preacher, there are only chairs projected on either side.

In the middle, some organizers gather tables chairs and tarpaulins. But no one knows what happened last night when 6 people were killed in a scramble after preaching.

The police opened an investigation to elucidate the real circumstances of this drama to situate the responsibilities. But the preacher insists that “all the legal provisions have been taken to ensure security”.

A week ago, the preacher said, he had filled the stadium on August 4, one of the largest gathering in the country.

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