Cameroon’s ‘Little Paris’ covered in snow and hailstones [Videos]

A fall of hail and snow was recorded in Cameroon’s western region, especially in Bana, nicknamed the ‘Little Paris’ by Cameroonians. The phenomenon described as a “curse” by a minister is linked to climate change, according to local authorities.

Residents of the municipalities of Bana and Baku, in western Cameroon, observed precipitation in the form of hailstones and probably snowflakes on September 9, reports the local channel CRTV.

According to the mayor of Bana, Jean Baptiste Sanga, the phenomenon is linked to climate change in the world.

Commenting on this extraordinary event to Actu Cameroon, the Minister Delegate for Justice, Jean de Dieu Momo, described it as a “curse” falling on Bana, nicknamed the “Little Paris” because of its many castles and villas.

Cold records in South Africa

Of abnormally low temperatures, accompanied by snowfalls were recorded in late July in South Africa. In total, according to the weather service country, 19 records for the lowest temperatures were broken in several South African regions.

Mercury fell lowest in Kimberley at -9.9 degrees Celsius, compared to the last low of -8.1 °C recorded in July 2000.

Rain in Greenland

An equally rare phenomenon has been observed on the other side of the world: in Greenland. Scientists at the Summit Station of the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in the United States, located nearly 3,200 meters above sea level on the Greenland Ice Sheet, recorded rain on August 14, 2021.

The event is so abnormal for this place that the researchers were not prepared to measure it: they did not have a rain gauge available. According to specialists, this precipitation accentuated the phenomenon of melting of the Greenland glaciers, which had already started last July.

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