Catastrophes of unidentified flying objects

It is difficult to find a person who would not believe that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations arrived on earth. Many claims that they not only saw strange objects but even came into contact with humanoids.

But no matter how advanced the alien technology is, no one is immune from unforeseen circumstances — for example, from a lightning strike or a collision with another object. Therefore, sometimes catastrophes occur with alien ships.

The first burial

Probably everyone has heard about some crashes, for example, the UFO crash near Roswell. But few people know that the first alien was buried in the ground at the very end of the 19th century. It happened near the city of Aurora, which is located in Texas, USA.

For six months (in 1986 to 1987), a silver cigar-shaped object with a length of about 20 meters constantly flew around the territory of the United States, illuminating the earth with powerful searchlights. There were a lot of talks and writing about this incident in the newspapers, and a picture of the ship was even taken, but its authenticity has not been proven. In April 1897, the device crashed.

According to residents of the town of Aurora, the object at some point lost control, fell to the ground, and burned down. The alien’s body was recovered from the wreckage of the ship. Despite the fact that it was badly damaged during the fire, it was clear that the creature was a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization.

The UFO pilot was buried in the city cemetery. Instead of the name of the townspeople on the tombstone knocked out a hieroglyph, which was found on one of the wreckages of his ship.

The mystery of the plate found in the Baltic Sea

The mystery of the plate found in the Baltic Sea
The mystery of the plate found in the Baltic Sea

In recent decades, new high-tech marine equipment has appeared. People were able to descend to great depths. When diving, artifacts of obviously non-terrestrial and non-natural origin began to be discovered more and more often.

One of these objects was found in 2011 in the Baltic Sea during deep-sea research. It is a round-shaped structure with a diameter of more than 60 meters.

According to the trace that was still preserved behind the object, it was clear that it entered the water column tangentially and moved along the bottom hundreds of meters after the fall. That is, it can be assumed that an accident occurred. Her research was taken up by the company “Ocean X”, specializing in the search for sunken treasures. With the help of sonar, it was determined that the shape of the object was absolutely correct.

The water in this place is almost always muddy, and photographing from the ship did not give the desired result. For a more detailed study, two scuba divers were sent to the object. What they saw was incredible – the circular structure had smooth walls made of a dark, almost black material (as it was later established, it was basalt), with inscriptions on them similar to hieroglyphs.

Divers distinguished a well-preserved staircase leading to a small platform and an oval entrance. After examining the sediments taken from the object, the age of the artifact was determined — at least 14,000 years.

An interesting fact: when the ship “Ocean X” was above the disk, all its onboard devices ceased to function. Obviously, something inside the UFO affected the operation of the devices.

This is one of the most significant discoveries of the last decade in this field, it can be called sensational. But few people know about it, there are probably good reasons why scientists are forbidden to disseminate any information. Currently, the Swedish military is engaged in UFOs, they are also in no hurry to give interviews.

The cylinder lost in the lake

Illustration of an oblong ten-meter object
Illustration of an oblong ten-meter object

There are zones on earth where strange objects appear much more often. One of these places is located in Karelia on Vedlozer. It is located about 100 km from Petrozavodsk, the capital of the republic. Locals so often see flying saucers in the sky that they talk about them as something completely ordinary.

But one day, they watched an object fall into a lake. It happened almost a hundred years ago, on November 15, 1928. According to eyewitnesses, at first, an oblong ten-meter object appeared, flying completely silently.

It circled for a long time on a chaotic trajectory, then it was engulfed in flames, and it collapsed into an ice-covered lake. The depth of the reservoir in this place is small, about 8 meters, and the aircraft did not go completely underwater — part of it remained above the surface.

This incident was reported to the relevant authorities, and the military arrived in the form of NKVD officers, they tried to pull out a UFO, but the technique of that time was quite primitive. They were able to get the fallen cylinder, as they could not get inside. So it remained at the crash site, gradually sinking deeper into the water. Residents were not afraid of the strange object — kids dived from it, and men fished.

In the 80s of the last century, another attempt was made to raise the artifact from the bottom. The military, including divers, were delivered by helicopter. They did several dives, but they didn’t even find the crash site, and they couldn’t find any witnesses to the long-ago incident.

Almost half a century has passed since the disaster — maybe it went deep into the muddy bottom, or the aliens managed to raise it. Their devices began to appear frequently in these places after the accident. However, the cylinder has not been found until today.

The prototype of the German plate

There is evidence that several times alien ships were shot down by Earthlings. One of the objects was destroyed before the Second World War in Germany (according to some reports, it fell as a result of some problems in the system). The downed UFO was carefully studied in laboratories and found out some of the secrets of its device.

Perhaps that is why, at the end of the war, round-shaped aircraft were designed, which in our time are called “flying saucers”. Despite the German pedantry and meticulous work with documents, no materials about this incident have been preserved. They are either destroyed or stored somewhere in a private archive.

It is not known exactly how reliable these events are. But despite the disasters that sometimes happen to UFOs, aliens regularly visit earth. And the day will come when their secret will be revealed. Humanity will find out who they are and from where, do they want to help, or do they want to take over our planet? We will try to look forward to meeting them with optimism.

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