The unsolved mystery of Jade humanoids

In various countries, archaeologists manage to find ancient artifacts that are striking in their appearance. Ancient masters were able to create truly magnificent creations from completely different natural materials.

Ancient figures, for some reason, have images of unknown creatures, and they are made of precious and semi-precious stones. Who exactly the ancient craftsmen depicted in these figures, scientists still can’t understand.

Particular attention is drawn to the figures, which were masters Hongshan made of jade more than 6500 years ago. How they were able to process jade so finely and what tools they used when milling remains a mystery today.

Jade humanoid
Jade humanoid

These figures, or rather their appearance, have nothing in common with the images of fairy tale characters, gods, and other modern creatures. Then why were they made in the image and likeness?

Almost all figures are depicted in a sitting position, their body is similar to a human, but the head is not. It has an oblong shape with several appendages having different shapes. Ufologists have concluded practically at once that masters making these figures met with humanoids and created them in their image.

jade so finely and what tools they used when milling remains a mystery today
Jade so finely and what tools they used when milling remains a mystery today

So similar figures with such images were found all over the world, at a great distance from each other, so it is very difficult to believe that the masters thought and imagined the same way. It is clear that they all had the privilege of seeing aliens and thus decided to capture their appearance in figurines.

As there is no exact information about whom exactly the masters depicted in figurines, it is impossible to exclude the possibility that the ancients saw aliens from other worlds.

Finely processed Jade humanoid
Finely processed Jade humanoid

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