Chained students freed from Quranic school Nigeria

In Nigeria, a new “horror house” has been discovered in a Koran school in the northern state of Katsina. More than 300 boys were found. The victims were chained, tortured and sexually abused, reported by the local police.

At the beginning of October, a police operation also revealed terrible practices in another Islam institution in the neighboring state of Kaduna. The students were also exposed to such practices there.

The abuse in Katsina was discovered during a police raid. It was tipped by some students who were able to escape from the school on Sunday and told them about the circumstances in which they were being held in the street. The children had rebelled against the inhumane treatments, after which “some were able to escape … while about 60 others remained on site,” said police chief Sanusi Buba.

Bello Mai Almajirai

According to Buba, the institution was founded forty years ago by the 78-year-old Muslim Bello Mai Almajirai, who then left the management of the school to his son. The students came from different regions of Nigeria and were brought there by their family to learn the Koran and to be treated for drug addictions, among other things.

The owner of the institution and the teachers who escaped during the raid will be traced to pay for their actions, the police said. In the meantime, the authorities are trying to find out the children’s identity so that they can return to their families.

Northern Nigeria has a large number of quasi-official “educational institutions”, with strict religious education, due to a lack of public institutions for vulnerable young people.

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