China: Severe thunderstorms already killed 63 as typhoon reaches eastern coast

The heavy flooding of the past few days in the Chinese capital of Zhengzhou has already claimed 63 lives. Five people are missing, authorities said. Meanwhile, new thunderstorms threaten due to Typhoon In-Fa, which reached the East China coast on Sunday with stormy winds and heavy rainfall. Zhejiang province had already declared the highest alert phase on Saturday.

Typhoon In-Fa arrived on Sunday in Zhoushan, a city south of the metropolis of Shanghai. On the coast, five to seven meters high waves are reported. All flights have been canceled at the airports in Shanghai and Zhejiang.

All high-speed trains to Shanghai have also been canceled until Monday afternoon. Disneyland and other amusement parks keep the doors closed.

There are severe floods in the Chinese capital of Zhengzhou.
©Reuters – There are severe floods in the Chinese capital of Zhengzhou

The sixth typhoon of the year will bring heavy rainfall in Shanghai and the densely populated provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Anhui, where flooding is feared.

Earlier this week, the more centrally located Zhengzhou and surrounding regions were already hit hard. 63 dead have already been recovered in the capital of Henan province.

Lifeless bodies have been found again during the clean-up work, both in flooded metro lines and in flooded traffic tunnels.

Severe flooding in China
©AFP – Severe flooding in China

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