China starts reporting asymptomatic cases

China has also added asymptomatic cases of coronavirus infections to daily updates on the virus since Wednesday. The National Health Commission has reported 130 such cases in the past day. In total, there are 1,367 cases of infections without symptoms, which are observed.

China came under pressure to add the figures to the general statistics. The fact that they had not been added previously raised concerns that the authorities were not accurately portraying the outbreak in China. Scientists believe that asymptomatic patients can also transmit the virus to other people.

In recent days, 36 new cases with symptoms have been reported in China. Seven people have also died, the committee said. One of the new cases and six of the deaths have been reported in Hubei Province, the initial epicenter of the outbreak. Thirty-five of the new cases come from abroad.

Test positive, but no symptoms

China on Tuesday announced it would also report figures for people who have tested positive for the coronavirus but do not show symptoms such as fever or cough.

So far, China has reported 81,554 cases, 3,312 deaths, and 76,238 recovered patients.

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