Chinese lady drives away rapist using coronavirus prank

A woman drove a rapist away in China by – Coronavirus prank – making him believe she had contracted the coronavirus. Yi coughed and told him she had just returned from Wuhan.

According to the ‘Daily Mail’ and ‘Metro’, Xiao (25) had entered her bedroom last Friday. He grabbed her neck with his hands and tried to cover her mouth. The situation looked dire, but suddenly she found an original way out – Coronavirus prank.

She begins by saying, “I am infected with the coronavirus, which is why I am now alone in quarantine,” she pranked him. The young lady lives in Pingba, a part of Jingshan, a three-hour drive from Wuhan (the place where the virus has burst; ed).

Chinese lady drives away rapist using coronavirus prank
Offender Xiao.

The deterrent maneuver helped: Xiao took off, but not without first stealing 3,080 yuan in cash. The police started a search for the perpetrator, but that did not go smoothly. After all, all residents walked around with a mouth towel.

Finally, Xiao signed himself up yesterday, in the company of his father. He admitted that he had fled from that family that night and had no money in his pocket, hence the plan to steal. When he found out that Yi was home alone, he decided to assault her.

The coronavirus death toll has now risen to 427. All the victims fell in China, except for one case in the Philippines.

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