Church of Satan loves rapper Lil Nas X’s sneakers: ‘Embraces Satanism’

Although Nike is filing a lawsuit against Lil Nas X (21) for his satanist sneakers, the rapper can also count on support from a not so surprising corner. The Church of Satan is completely crazy about the sports shoe. A prominent figure within the church, David Harris, tells TMZ that.

Rapper Lil Nas X released 666 pairs of his controversial ‘Satan Sneakers’ earlier this week to celebrate the debut of his new song and accompanying music video for ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’. It shows how the 21-year-old travels to hell, where he dances with the devil.

The shoes, with an inverted cross, a bronze pentagram, and a drop of human blood incorporated in them, already caused a lot of commotion. Yet they are much loved by the Church of Satan because they “embrace the essence of Satanism,” according to Magister David Harris.

The church is also proud of Lil Nas X for being ‘honest and living life on his own terms’.

However, Nike could not laugh about one of their sneakers being edited and therefore files a lawsuit against the rapper.

The sports brand does not want to be associated with Satanists and therefore demands compensation.

However, the release of the shoe for Lil Nas X was a brilliant marketing campaign. All 666 pairs sold out within minutes. People paid a whopping $ 1,018 per pair of the limited-edition kicks.

By the way, that price tag is an ode to a Bible text: Luke 10:18, which refers to Satan’s banishment from heaven.

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