Coincidence that caused Antonis Mavropoulos to miss Ethiopian flight

Antonis Mavropoulos normally had to sit on the plane that crashed in Ethiopia but due to a combination of circumstances, he arrived at the gate two minutes late.

To his horror, he saw the other passengers boarding, while he was no longer allowed to enter and he made himself very angry. But his misfortune became his happiness.

The Boeing of Ethiopian Airlines with destination Nairobi crashed six minutes after taking off. All 157 people onboard were killed. Antonis Mavropoulos was not there by an incredible coincidence.

However, he was very angry when it turned out that he was two minutes late at the gate. The Greek bore as a plug. But then he did not know what terrible fate the other passengers would have. “I was angry because nobody helped me to get to the gate in time so that I could catch my connecting flight,” Antonis Mavropoulos wrote in an extensive post – entitled ‘My lucky day’ – on Facebook. “I was very stressed.” Normally a steward had to accompany him to the right gate, but that person had not shown up. The Greek was so completely self-reliant and came too late.

When the man finally found the right gate, the thing was already closed. He saw the last passengers boarding. He screamed to the staff at the gate that they still had to take him, but did not hear. There was nothing more to do, the plane left to his bewilderment without him.

The man, who works for the non-profit organization ‘International Solid Waste Association’, had to go to Nairobi to take part in a meeting of the United Nations on environmental issues. The staff assured him that he could travel with the next flight. And so it seemed to happen until suddenly two people from the security stepped on him and said that he was not allowed to join that flight. They escorted him to a policeman who would give him more explanation.

Meanwhile, the terrible tragedy had already taken place, but Mavropoulos did not know anything. The official wanted to check the identity of the Greek to ensure that the passenger list of the doomed flight was correct. The Greek turned out to be the only passenger who had not stepped on board. “The policeman told me that I should not protest, but pray.” It was then that he heard about it. “I felt the ground sink under my feet,” wrote the man. He realized that he had crawled through the eye of the needle through an incredible coincidence.

“I am so grateful that I am still alive and that I have so many friends who are with me,” he wrote. Antonis Mavropoulos had received countless messages from anxious acquaintances after the crash. He felt love, warmth and he was immensely happy about that.

He ended his catchy post with: “Maybe not too old to rock n roll – but certainly too young to die…”

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