Convicted of licking ice cream and placing it back afterward: “he did it for likes on Facebook”

What started as a joke for his friends on social media quickly got out of hand. D’Adrien Anderson, a 24-year-old young man from Texas, has been sentenced to 30 days in jail, a community service, and a fine for licking ice cream in Walmart.

The twenties filmed with his mobile phone how he took ice cream from the freezer chain Walmart, licked it, and put it back afterward. The video went viral this summer through its social media channels. Because he bought the dessert later, which was not shown on the video, he was not aware of any harm.

D’Adrien Anderson sentenced to 30 days in jail after the video posted last year showed him licking a container of ice cream before returning it to the shelf at a Texas Walmart

The stunt that cost more than $1,000

Later it appeared through the surveillance cameras of the supermarket that D’Adrien did take the ice cream back out of the freezer to buy it. But the damage was done. Walmart was not at all set up with the young man’s stunt. As a precaution, they replaced all the ice cream from supplier Blue Bell Creameries that was in the freezer at the time, which resulted in a cost of $ 1,565.

D’Adrien and his father visited the store afterward to prove with his receipt that he had actually bought the product. “He did it for the likes on Facebook,” concludes his father. D’Adrien Anderson was sentenced to imprisonment, community service, and a fine.

 D'Adrien Anderson (24).
©Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office – D’Adrien Anderson (24).

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