Convicted person pours acid on him after conviction

A 54-year-old man poured a toxic substance over himself in a London court on Monday. That happened after he was sentenced to more than two years in prison in a fraud case, reports the BBC.

The man, Marc Marshall, suddenly started screaming after the judge had pronounced the sentence. “It looked like he had glue on his skin,” said a witness. He also said that Marshall turned pale and smelled of acid. Court officials poured water on him to dilute the fabric. Marshall was seriously injured and was transferred to the hospital in a critical condition.

A female security guard was also injured. She suffered no serious injuries and did not have to go to the hospital. Marshall probably had a metal water bottle with him, from which he also seems to have drunk. The police are currently investigating how Marshall was able to smuggle in the unknown liquid.

The prosecution of the man had already been delayed earlier. At his arrest in 2016, Marshall stabbed himself in the neck, causing him serious injuries and delaying the trial.

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