Cop who masterfully misled Stormers become “national hero”

It took creativity and the utmost concentration, but police officer Eugene Goodman managed to deceive a few assailants of the Capitol masterfully. At first, it seemed like a failed attempt to chase away the invaders later turned into “a real heroic act”.

Eugene Goodman was able to prevent the gang in question from getting into the Senate and making a mess of it. Videos of his performance are popping up everywhere, and some even call him a “national folk hero”.

Police officer Eugene Goodman doesn’t seem to stand a chance when a gang of aggressors tries to invade the Capitol. With no more than a mat in hand, he makes a vain attempt to chase the Stormers away. It goes without saying that the gang is not immediately impressed by Goodman’s performance. Only at that moment, they have no idea that the cop is in the meantime geniusly misleading them.

On Wednesday night, Eugene Goodman guarded the steps leading to the Senate. He was all alone when a gang tries to invade the Capitol just there. Overpowering the gang alone is impossible; misleading them is an option. Goodman walks up the stairs, and the intruders immediately follow him.

Seconds later, the officer sees that the Senate is unguarded, so he walks the other way, followed again by the mob. In this way, the officer prevents the gang from noticing the Senate and thus destroying it.

When Eugene finally manages to lead the Stormers into the hands of a group of security agents, his mission is accomplished. Meanwhile, in the US, t-shirts with Eugene Goodman on it and the slogan, “Eugene Goodman saved the Senate” are on sale.

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