Counting down to Halloween? These horror films will tickle you

Are you also counting down to Halloween like that? Then you are not alone, because research shows that horror films are becoming increasingly popular.

All the more reason to list the must-see horror prints of this fall: these horror experiences are perfect for crawling under a blanket in the dark…

“IT: Chapter Two”

Those who have no problem sitting still for almost three hours at a time are lucky: the ‘IT’ sequel is again playing in the halls. The evil clown Pennywise is back after 27 years and unleashes his bloodthirst on the village of Derry. High time for the now mature characters from the first film, led by actor James McAvoy, to return to their birthplace, hoping to eliminate Pennywise once and for all.

“In The Tall Grass”

Those who prefer to sit in front of the TV can enjoy this print on Netflix. It was based on a novel of the same name that he wrote in collaboration with Joe Hill. The plot itself sounds a bit ridiculous: a bewitched lawn that lures victims inside. But King has a talent to respond to our little fears: all that tall grass that we can’t see over and where we can get lost in just like that. What may be hiding there? The longer you look, the more horrible it gets. When a pregnant woman and her brother walk into the field to help a little boy, they conclude that they may never leave.

“Pet Sematary”

The horror classic ‘Pet Sematary’, according to Stephen King the scariest story he has ever written, was given a new look this year. King found his novel too horrible to publish, but his publisher convinced him to take that step.

In ‘Pet Sematary’, an utterly average family moves to a quiet village. There is only one problem: the busy highway next to their house. When their cat is run over, the daughter of the house is inconsolable. Her father decides to bury the animal at the nearby graveyard. It soon becomes apparent that mysterious, dark forces rule over that place. Whoever is buried will immediately be resurrected. That is also how Church, the supposed cat, returns ‘alive and well’.

But the animal has been aggressively and forever changed… When the son of the family also dies on the highway, his father makes one radical decision: he also buries him in the cemetery, with all the consequences that entail… Ultimately, the entire family is reduced to a host of frightening zombies. “The end of the story was too dark for the public. It excludes all hope,” said King. “It has been in my pocket for years because I did not dare to look at it anymore… For me, this is the scariest story I have ever written.”

“Doctor Sleep”

Those who are still traumatized by ‘The Shining’ after all these years are getting ready for the sequel to the Stephen King thriller: ‘Doctor Sleep’. The little boy from ‘The Shining’, Danny Torrence (Ewan McGregor), has grown up in the meantime but is still struggling with the events of his past. He struggles with his supernatural gift and has to face reality against his will…

Fun fact: ‘Mike Flanagan directed doctor Sleep’, the man behind the successful – and very frightening – Netflix series ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’.


A boy with a protracted illness is admitted to a private clinic. His desperate parents hope he can be helped there. Eli undergoes experimental therapy, but he is never the same again. What seems to start as an exciting hospital drama soon turns into horrifying horror.

“In The Shadow Of The Moon”

The life of a detective is slowly going downhill due to his obsession with a mysterious serial killer who works incomprehensibly. Her victims die at the same time, but far apart. The only thing that stands out is two wounds in their necks. Slowly but surely, supernatural powers are becoming apparent: everyone is moving forward in time, but the killer is going backwards…


What if an app could predict when you will die? In today’s digital age, it no longer seems so hallucinatory. But luckily it is, because say yourself, who wants to know? However, in ‘Countdown’ it is possible, and of course, it goes completely wrong with the people who view their death date. Certainly for those with only a few days left on the clock…

“Zombieland – Double Tap”

Horror in a light jacket, that is the recipe for ‘Zombieland’. Ten years after the success of the first film, protagonists Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone reunited with director Ruben Fleischeren. In this sequel, the four anti-heroes are confronted with new types of zombies, which have evolved since the first film. But the zombies are not the only thing they have to fear for… some people have survived this post-apocalyptic chaos.

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