Couple kills 3-year-old daughter for disturbing them during lovemaking

British Nicola Priest (23) and Callum Redfern (22) have been convicted of the death of Priest’s daughter. Kaylee-Jade (3) died in August 2020 from multiple injuries. They were inflicted by the couple themselves when the child disturbed them, crying during lovemaking. The postmortem report lists as many as 68 new and old injuries, including a broken leg, sternum, and multiple broken ribs. The jury found the duo guilty of manslaughter.

Almost day today, a year ago, three-year-old Kaylee-Jade passed away. Surveillance footage shows mom Nicola Priest and Kaylee taking the elevator together in the apartment building they lived in on August 8, 2020, and walking outside. Although Nicola pays little attention to her daughter, there seems to be little going on. Several hours later, along with Callum Redfern, her lover, she would severely beat up Kaylee.

Surveillance images show Kaylee (3) and her mom Nicola (23), just hours before the toddler's death.
Surveillance images show Kaylee (3) and her mom Nicola (23), just hours before the toddler’s death. ©KameraOne


The fact that Callum and Nicola see the three-year-old as a burden soon becomes clear in the lawsuit surrounding Kaylee’s death. Neighbors testify how the mother refers to Kaylee-Jade as a “f*cking brat”. Multiple text messages are also shown between Nicola and Callum. On July 27, Redfern sent in: “I’m going to set that little brat aside. I’m sick of your cheeky daughter.”


But it’s not just about verbal abuse. Several witnesses heard loud knocks and bangs from the apartment before that dramatic summer day, followed not much later by loud screams from Kaylee. A startle response to the sound, perhaps? A neighbor tells the jury how she heard Nicola boast: “I’ll say she fell off the bed”.

Kaylee-Jade (3) passed away on August 8, 2020.
Kaylee-Jade (3) passed away on August 8, 2020. ©Facebook

Multiple text messages also point to child abuse. It even seems like the pair are bidding against each other. “I’m going to kill her. She keeps going from the living room to the kitchen. I hit her, also because she shits in her diaper.” Redfern’s answer defies the imagination: “Good. Give her one of mine too.” “I will, honey.”

On August 8, 2020, around 7 p.m., Kaylee-Jade was crying again. She is isolated from her mother in the apartment, which witnesses describe as “a dingy flat”. Mama Nicola and Callum were making love in their room. Kaylee’s screams eventually break the couple’s minds. They want to silence the child physically, and they succeed. Only she will never stop being silent.

Kaylee no chance

It is unclear how the evening will progress. What is clear is the moment when Nicola notifies the emergency services: the next day. Kaylee-Jade has long since lost the battle. According to experts, her wounds are similar to those of a child hit by a car at 60 km/h. “Had you immediately notified the emergency services, you would have saved her life,” the judge said firmly.

In court, Nicola and Callum try to blame each other for Kaylee’s death. Ultimately, they are found not guilty of murder but of manslaughter. In addition, according to the jury, Nicola committed ‘cruelty to a child’ because of the older injuries. Nicola is going to jail for 15 years, Callum a year less. Both must serve at least two-thirds of their sentences.

Nicola Priest and Callum Redfern were <a href=
Nicola Priest and Callum were sentenced to death on Kaylee-Jade Priest. ©West Midlands Police/PA

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